Native American People and Place: Appalachia

May 22, 2017 - June 3, 2017
Berea KY

“Native American People and Place: Appalachia” 

May 22-June 3, 2017

Hosted by Drew University Theological School, Madison, NJ and sponsored by AMERC

Dates May 22-June 3, 2017

Beginning at West Virginia University, West Virginia and ending at a retreat center in Palestine, WV.

This course will explore the history of Appalachia, in particular its original peoples and their relationships to land, family, and spirituality as that history relates to present-day West Virginians.  We will address issues of cultural identify, concepts of community, and the economics and environment of the one state entirely within the region known as Appalachia.  We will visit educators, congregations, and artists to learn about the influence and contributions of Native Americans to Appalachia.

Dr. Heather Elkins
Drew University Theological School
36 Madison Ave.
Madison, NJ
[email protected]
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