Missio Dei: The Mission of God in The World

January 6, 2012 - January 17, 2012

Missio Dei: The Mission of God in The World

Professor: Fr. Jack Gabig, Affiliate Professor of Practical Theology

Date: January 06 – 17th, 2012

Where: St. Augustine’s Anglican Seminary: Lima, Peru

Missio Dei: The Mission of God in the World

Starting with Abraham and continuing through the Prophets, Apostles and the Church the mission of God is to reconcile to Himself all things in Heaven and on Earth through Christ. The congregation is intended to serve as the local mission outpost of the Kingdom of God where this reconciliation is cultivated and advanced. Rather than seeing mission solely as a foreign endeavor, in the global age missiological understanding has come to emphasize mission from everywhere to everywhere. In this course we will look at issues related to equipping, preparing and sending short and long term missionaries as well as how the same principles are to be applied in local mission at home. Often small and medium size parishes overlook the potential for what God might do in their midst and in the world because they see the task of global mission as too great for them.

Professor: Fr. Jack Gabig

This 1 week course/conference and cross cultural mission experience is offered by Nashotah House Seminary in cooperation with St. Augustine’s Anglican Seminary, Lima, Peru. It will lay a theological and practical foundation to help Church leaders grasp their role in developing, sending and supporting missionaries at home and abroad. Five evening lectures offered in English and Spanish will consider a variety of missiological perspectives in biblical, historical, systematic, cultural and practical theologies. Mornings and afternoons will be spent in ministry shared with Anglican missionaries and local Peruvian clergy and seminarians.

Theology Shaping Mission

Featuring: Bishop Michael Nazir Ali

The week culminates in a conference Theology Shaping Mission featuring Bishop Michael Nazir Ali. Former Bishop of Rochester, UK and President of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocay and Dialogue. The conference, hosted at Sts. Augustine Seminary and Co-sponsored with Nashotah House

Seminary will invite clergy and missionaries from the dioceses of Peru, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Optional Post Class Trip

For any who want to take in additional cultural excursion there is an optional of a 5-day post-class/conference excursion to Machu Pichu and Cusco, Peru, for an additional fee.

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