Minorities & Human Rights

June 4, 2013 - June 13, 2013

June 04 – June 13, 2013


10 days

We are living in a world claiming to respect and protect human rights.

Scriptures keep reminding us of Human Dignity as the very basic element of human rights and human duties. In many countries, human rights for minorities remain as a burning issue.

This course intends to study the real situation of various minorities living in Israel/Palestine…

What is the real identity of these groups?

Are minorities considered as equal citizens as those forming the majority among the population?

Do they enjoy the same rights?

Are “humans” in their land defined referring to a race, a religion, a culture or citizenship?

Visiting these minorities and listening to them would help to discover how “Human Rights” are implemented or neglected and may help the participants to be more involved in the promotion of a real human respect based on citizenship where every human being is respected and protected accordingly!.

Faithful of Monotheistic Faiths need to raise their joined voice advocating for Human Rights based upon the concept of One God and One Human person.

No Male, No Female, No Race, They are all ONE in God’s eyes!

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