Michael Morwood: Jesus Through a 21st Century Lens 2014

October 19, 2014 - October 21, 2014
Tatamagouche NS


Oct 19 – Oct 21, 2014 Sun 7:00 PM – Tue 4:00 PM $440.00
“Michael Morwood … is raising the right and obvious questions that all Christians must face. In his response he provides fresh and perceptive possibilities for a modern and relevant faith.” – Bishop John Shelby Spong

The 21st century provides us with images, data and an understanding of the cosmos and how life developed on earth that are radically different from the worldview and cosmology that have shaped formal religion’s understanding of God, revelation, and Jesus as revealer of the Divine. We will use this “lens” to focus on “God”, on the human endeavour, on Judaism, on Jesus and his message, and on prayer and liturgy.

This “lens” raises challenging questions for traditional Christian belief, but also provides solid ground on which to articulate Christian faith today.

Program Cost: $440 ($295 tuition+$145 meals/accommodations)

Local Price: $346 (program cost without overnight, without breakfast)

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Michael Morwood

Michael MorwoodMichael Morwood has over 40 years’ experience in retreat, education, parish and adult faith development ministries, and is well known in Progressive Christian movements in Australia and the USA. His particular interest is in helping adult Christians examine what they believe and why they believe it, what they imagine and why they imagine the way they do. While articulating Christian faith in ways that resonate with contemporary understanding of our place in the universe, Michael is also concerned to shape an understanding of “God” and revelation that is not exclusive to any particular culture or religion. No group, no religion can validly claim to have exclusive access to God if God is the mysterious Presence sustaining everything in existence.

Michael’s speaking and writing have focused on the urgent need to shape Christian belief and practice in the understanding that the Divine Presence has always permeated everything that exists. Each of his books addresses this need in different ways. They include:

Is Jesus God? Finding Our Faith
 Praying a New Story
From Sand to Solid Ground: Questions of Faith for Modern Christians
Children Praying a New Story: A Resource for Parents, Grandparents and Teachers
Faith, Hope and a Bird Called George. A Spiritual Fable
It’s Time. Challenges to the Doctrine of the Faith

Born Australian, Michael is presently living in the USA with his wife, Maria Andis “theologian in residence” at Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, Pennsylvania.

Shawn Redden

Shawn Redden

Shawn Redden, Program Resource Group (PRG) facilitator, and is a United Church minister with a long involvement in and commitment to Youth Ministry.

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