Master of Theology

September 9, 2020 - April 21, 2021
Offered by Regent College
5800 University Blvd.
VancouverBCV6T 2E4

Supplement your MDiv or MA Theo Studies with focused study in a particular area of interest, deepening your understanding and preparing yourself for doctoral studies.

The Master of Theology Is …

Personal: Engage in high-level, seminar-style classes with small cohorts of like-minded students. Receive one-on-one guidance from world-class Christian thinkers.

In-depth: Go deep with a topic or question that you want to study more closely.

Flexible: Choose whether to complete a thesis, focusing more time on a single research project, or spend more time in the classroom with the major paper track.

Students who take this program typically …

  • want to study a specific theological question related to their vocation or personal life;
  • are interested in pursuing a PhD;
  • are pastors who want to build on their education or reflect theologically on a particular issue that is relevant to their ministry; or
  • are preparing for a role where an advanced degree is of benefit.

Application Requirements

The ThM is the highest academic degree awarded by Regent College. In order to be admitted to the ThM program, you must have an MDiv or a master’s degree in theological studies equivalent to Regent’s MA in Theo Studies. You must also have completed that graduate program with a GPA of at least 3.3.

For required documents and to learn more about the application process, visit our Admission Requirements page.

Program Structure

Credit Hours Completion Time Program Costs Distance Education

Minimum 1 year, if all requirements are satisfied (see Additional Requirements below).

5 years max
The tuition for the 2020–2021 academic year is $505 per credit hour.

The total tuition for the ThM program is $12,120 (24 credit hours at $505 per credit hour). This amount will be higher if you are required to complete more than 24 credit hours.

For a breakdown of associated fees and costs of living, view our sample budget.

To help you offset the costs of graduate education, we offer scholarships, financial aid, and work opportunities on campus.

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