Lutherhostel BOTH WEEKS

May 8, 2015 - March 21, 2015


Sun, Mar 8 – 3pm
Sat, Mar 21 – 12pm


Mark Allan Powell

Jim Martin-Schramm

Tom Witt & Mary Preus

Lutherhostel BOTH WEEKS
Week 1 with Mark Allen Powell & Week 2 with Jim Martin-Schramm
Mark Allen Powell, Jim Martin-Schramm – leaders, Worship & Music with Tom Witt & Mary Preus

Sign up for two exciting weeks of learning opportunities, fellowship, fun and a time of relaxation and renewal in the Desert!

Week 1: Surprising New Insights into the Political and Ethical Teaching of Jesus with Mark Allen Powell

In what way was Jesus a revolutionary figure? He was not a politician in the normal sense of the word,

but his spiritual vision clearly had ethical and political implications for his world—and for ours.

In four separate studies, we will consider:

  • Driving concerns that shaped the faith of Jesus into a powerful dynamic that would survive his horrific death and make him the most influential person who has ever lived;

  • The oft-neglected relationship between his famous Beatitudes and social justice;

  • The impact that slavery as a widespread social institution may have had on Jesus’ moral vision and priorities;

  • The conflict Jesus himself and the Gospel authors apparently experienced regarding the question of whether biblical commandments remain applicable in contexts for which they were not originally intended.

Together, the four talks will serve to highlight guiding principles for Christians struggling to be faithful to Jesus’ vision of justice and the reign of God in the 21st century.

Week 2: Christian Perspectives on Earth Ethics – A Case Method Approach with Jim Martin-Schramm

  • I love God’s creation and want to be a good steward, so what should I eat—what should I wear?

  • Should our church divest its holdings in fossil fuel stocks?

  • If our nation increases its investments in nuclear power, how should we deal with the radioactive waste?

These are just some of the questions Lutherhostel participants will have a chance to discuss during this inspiring week.

Participants will be introduced to the ethic of ecological justice, trace its foundations in Scripture and theological traditions, and then utilize the case study method to engage in ethical deliberation about questions like those above as well as other topics like population growth, consumption, and environmental degradation; environmental racism and nuclear waste storage; hydraulic fracturing and climate change; water rights and endangered species protection; and genetic engineering and global food security.

Lodging note for both weeks: we have not included the 2 night’s extra lodging in-between the weeks as many folks travel those two days to other sites in AZ. If you need lodging on March 13 & 14, please contact us at (480) 488-5218.

Registration Deposit: $700 per person for all 2-week registration types.
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Early Bird full price if you register before September 15, 2014.
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$ 740 for commuter (goes to $780 after 8/15/14)

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