Liberation Theology in Action

January 1, 1970

CCS Programs Global Perspectives Experience


Liberation Theology in Action

Global Perspectives Experience in Guatemala

The next Global Perspectives Experience trip will be offered in 2006. (Dates to be announced)

This course is a required course for our Integrating Year students, but is also being offered as a Continuing Education Course. This course is being co-offered by the University of Winnipeg. The goals of the course are to:

Experience Liberation Theology in a Central American context

Foster critical awareness of the structures of oppression

Analyze marginalization and privilege as it relates to self and others

Develop an awareness and respect for a variety of cultures

The trip includes opportunities to explore community economic development projects, human rights work, health care, rural development and Mayan spirituality. The course includes a 2 day orientation in Winnipeg in September.

Cost: The exact cost is yet to be determined, but it is estimated to be upwards of $3200.00

An experience that will be forever memorable; An amazing experience; A kick in my comfort zone; Eye opening and heart expanding; Learnings and challenges to fill months of reflection.

-2002 Trip Participant

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