Let Us Feast

September 15, 2016 - September 18, 2016
Collegeville MN


Thursday, September 15—Sunday, September 18, 2016
Led by Ward Bauman and David Harris

Minnesota has all the ingredients to make for healthy and abundant living. Let Us Feast is an opportunity to explore not only the simplicity and goodness of the daily feasts of our lives but also the grand celebrations of the larger events of life. This includes, of course, the feasts of the imagination and the alchemy of living abundantly and joyfully. Our meals have the potential to raise the ordinary and mundane into the extraordinary and blessed. We will explore all aspects of what makes eating good and what makes for good eating: seeing food as nutritious, as abundantly delicious, and as Godly. Food preparation can be fun and need not be intimidating. Join with us as we feast!

This retreat is appropriate for those who feel that they are beginners in food preparation or for those who have been with us before and wish to take deeper steps into the great art of cooking beautiful, delicious, and nutritious meals. NOTE: this may be the last time this retreat is offered. Don’t delay!

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