Keepers of the Sacred Fire: A Wild Mind Circle of Trust®

October 3, 2019 - October 6, 2019

Keepers of the Sacred Fire: A Wild Mind Circle of Trust®

Carol Kortsch and Brian Stafford

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October 3, 2019 1:00 PM until October 6, 2019
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A three day nature based immersion whose goal is to practice how to fully embody our multifac-eted wild minds, commit ourselves to the largest, soul-infused story we’re capable of living, and serve the greater Earth community.

Our wild beings possess astonishing resources, untapped potentials, and depths that we might not even know exist until we discover how to access them, cultivate their powers, and eventually integrate them into our everyday lives. In this intensive, we’ll access these depths and potentials — which we call the four facets of the Self, or the four dimensions of our innate human wholeness — and also the four sets of fragmented or wounded sub-personalities that form during childhood.

•for those who are way-finders on this globe, hungry to know your ecological ‘wild’ soul place, and to experience more fully your innate human wholeness as an inter-connected being in the natural world.
• for those who actively care about spiritual practice, body/mind connection, and global awakening.
• for those who wish to stop, look and listen more deeply in the solitude of nature, in a circle of trusting companions

Brian Stafford is a guide to the wilderness of nature and soul with Animas Valley Institute and Wilderness Is Medi-cine. He was called out of academic medicine to serve as a guide to the depths, as an agent of cultural awakening and transformation. A native of Colorado and the former holder of an endowed chair and professor of psychiatry and pediat-rics, he guides individuals and groups to the place they most long and fear to go – the numinous depths of their soul. Brian currently makes his home in Ojai, California.

Carol Kortsch was born in Africa, raised and educated in Canada, and after 25 years at Stonehaven Commons in Radnor, PA, has recently moved to Boulder, Colorado. She is a facilitator with Courage & Renewal and presently training as a Wild Mind guide with Animas Valley Institute. She offers nature-based re-treats from her wilderness soul as life adventurer and Earth listener.

this is a nature-based retreat combining the work of Parker J Palmer and the Circle of Trust® approach with the work of Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute

Cost $875 includes double occupancy room, board and tuition


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