Kairos: Silence, Contemplation, and Scripture – Online

August 20, 2020 - August 23, 2020
Offered by Pendle Hill
Subsidized - $ 85 Basic - $ 100 Plus - $ 115
338 Plush Mill Rd.

Aug 20-23, 2020

A spiritual retreat (via Zoom) with Francisco Burgos based on the monastic practice of worshiping, working, and studying while experiencing the dynamic of solitude and community living.

Limited to 24 participants.

If you need financial help, please contact [email protected].

This program was made possible by grants from the Bible Association of Friends in America; The Elizabeth Ann Bogert Memorial Fund for the Study and Practice of Christian Mysticism; and the Trust for the Meditation Process, a charitable foundation encouraging meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative prayer.

Kairos (καιρός) is an ancient Greek noun describing an opportune and decisive moment, a combination of time and place that generates the opportune environment for actions, words, and/or movements. We intend to create such a unique space for spiritual growth by combining key practices from Quaker and other faith traditions. This kairos is rooted in meeting for worship and worship sharing, lectio divina (divine reading), silence, community, work, study, and celebration. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in contemplative praying of the Scriptures as they experience the deep practice of worship sharing.

This retreat is designed for nurturing and embracing daily life with courage, simplicity, gratitude, hope, and a deep sense of connection.

Kairos - schedule


Francisco Burgos is the director of education at Pendle Hill and has facilitated spiritual retreats and lectio divina sessions for different audiences. He was a De La Salle Christian Brother for almost ten years, serving in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, and has been a Friend since 2004. Francisco is a member of Harrisburg Friends Meeting and has attended several monthly meetings, including Monteverde Friends Meeting in Costa Rica and Adelphi Friends Meeting in MD.