Jesus: a Jewish Manifestation of the Divine Presence in the Universe

September 21, 2012 - September 23, 2012


Sept 21-23, 2012

Fri 6:30 dinner thru Sun lunch

Cost $345

The Hebrew Bible was not a preparation for a
heavenly God to send his son to earth. Rather, it
was the Divine, present everywhere, manifesting
itself in the worldview, culture and concerns of a
particular group of people. Christians need to rediscover
that the Hebrew Bible is concerned with
life on earth, not life in heaven. It is concerned
with creating a society to be a light to the nations
through people witnessing to God’s presence and
activity in their interactions.

Jesus never renounced his Judaism and it is here,
in his Jewish roots, that we can find the true
meaning and relevance of Jesus as revealer of the
Divine within the human enterprise.

Here, too, we find the spiritual vision to ground
social action, a spiritual vision that challenges
institutional Christian leadership to move beyond
the safe confines of doctrinal teachings and to
engage meaningfully the world in which we live.

Michael has 40 years experience in retreat and
adult faith development ministries. He is well
known in progressive Christian circles for his articulation
of Christian thought and imagination
in line with contemporary cosmology. He is one
of the featured speakers in the www.evolutionarychristianity.
com series bringing scientific and
religious thought together. His books include:
From Sand to Solid Ground. Questions of Faith for
Modern Christians; Praying a New Story; and Children
Praying a New Story. A Resource for Parents,
Grandparents and Teachers. Michael’s latest book
is Faith, Hope and Bird Called George. A Spiritual
Fable. Read about it at

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