James Loney: Explorations in Non-Violence 2012

March 16, 2012 - March 18, 2012

James Loney: Explorations in Non-Violence 2012

Mar 16 – Mar 18, 2012

Fri 7:00 PM – Sun 1:00 PM


What would happen if we devoted the same discipline and self-sacrifice to nonviolent peacemaking that we now devote to war?

In this workshop Jim Loney will challenge us to consider non-violence as both a way of life and a strategy for transformative social change in the current Canadian and global contexts. He will tell of his experience in captivity and also dialogue with us on how the philosophy and approach of non-violence might guide us in our own work for social change.

Known for the time he spent as hostage in 2005 – 2006, Jim wrote a moving account of this experience, “Captivity: 118 Days in Iraq and the Struggle for a World Without War”, “in the hope of contributing to the emergence of a world without war, the single greatest challenge of the 21st century. Everything depends on this, for without peace nothing else is possible.” On December 8, 2006, Loney and fellow hostages publicly forgave their captors.

Jim has been living out of the Christian tradition of non-violence for many years. He was a founding member Zacchaeus House, a Catholic Worker house of hospitality whose members “live a simple lifestyle in community, serve the poor, and resist war and social injustice.”

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Program Cost: $315 ($160tuition + $155 meals/accommodations)


James Loney

James Loney is a Canadian peace activist, writer and member of Christian Peacemaker Teams. Based in Toronto, he has served on violence-reduction teams in Iraq, Palestine and First Nations communities in Canada.

Kathryn Anderson

Kathryn Anderson, PRG.

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