Introduction to Greek Exegesis

January 9, 2023 - April 14, 2023
Asynchronous, possibly limited to the period between January 9, 2023-Apr 14, 2023.
For credit: $488 per credit hour To Audit: $244 per credit hour; most seminary courses are 3 credit hours.

This is what is called an “asynchronous” course, meaning that it can be viewed and interacted with at any time during the term. However, consult the course and the person responsible for it, as there may be set assignment times or dates.

“BL 522-CL Introduction to Greek Exegesis (3)
A continuation of the study of the grammatical structures of Greek in conjunction with reading select texts of the Greek New Testament. The readings will provide opportunity to review grammatical structures as well as challenge the student to expand their understanding of how Greek uses grammatical structures to communicate meaning.
Prerequisite: BL 521”