History of Christianity I

April 13, 2015 - June 5, 2015
Offered by Wycliffe College
Toronto ON


History of Christianity I (WYH1010HF)
From the subapostolic age to the “Triumph of Orthodoxy” in the East and the Carolingian revival and Treaty of Verdun in the West. Geographical expansion of the church; the relation of Christian faith to cultural settings and other religions; the development of doctrinal and ethical positions; forms of Christian life and worship; the rise of Islam. Class participation, course portfolio, one short essay, and two other academic exercises (choice of reading notes, short papers, weekly quizzes, final exam, etc.).
Schedule: April 13 – June 5, 2015 (Online).
Instructors: Gary Graber
Course Syllabus: Click here to see the course syllabus