Health and Wholeness Retreats

January 1, 1970
Des MoinesNM

Health & Wholeness

All of the Mandala Center’s work seeks to reflect the light of the one indivisible reality. Yet, our ordinary consciousness seems to submit that light to a prism, and to see it only as three primary colors: Body, Mind, and Spirit. The Center’s Health and Wholeness programs are designed to help people explore for themselves the healing power of re-integrating body-mind- spirit into a unitive consciousness, whether for personal life or professional practice.

To that end, the Health & Wholeness program offers programs that include yoga, mental health, alternative therapies and support for caregivers.

The Mandala of the Healer

These retreats are for healthcare practitioners of various disciplines. They will explore the dynamics of healing, and provide training in the body-mind-spirit concept in healthcare. They will place special emphasis on mutual support and personal spiritual development. The primary focus is to encourage practitioners to explore their own wholeness, and to renew the personal sense of meaning in the practitioner-patient relationship.

Retreat into Meaning will be a professional-level version of the Healing Intentions program, centered on mindfulness meditation practice. Other sessions will explore the dynamics of healing (perhaps experiencing the healing nature of ritual in native tradition), the nature of transference, and the healer’s own “natural wounds.” Mutual support and personal spiritual development are key to the process.

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