Healing Pathways 2: Healing From the Heart

March 15, 2013 - March 17, 2013
Offered by
Fort Qu'Appelle SK





Friday, March 15 (6 pm supper) to Sunday, March 17 (1 pm)

Healing From the Heart is one of two parts of Phase 2 in the Healing Pathway program. Phase 1 is a pre-requisite. It provides an opportunity to deepen the experience of healing and connecting to God’s healing power through the heart centre. This workshop will include the following:
• Practising the skill of being a heart-centred, healing presence
• Learning and practising assessment skills on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels
• Reviewing and practising specific healing sequences and learning new ones
• Deepening self-awareness and understanding through exploration of spiritual practice and self-care
• Discussion of the connection between spiritual practices—such as prayer, meditation, and worship—and healing ministry .


Sharon Yetman has been involved in offering and receiving energy work since 1995. For the past eight years she has been a Healing Pathway instructor teaching  workshops in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Guatemala.   She brings faith, joy, enthusiasm and a deep passion for this work to her teaching.   Sharon is a mentor and participant in the Healing Hands ministry at Highlands United Church in North Vancouver, B.C.  

Deb Firus is a Healing Pathway Phase 1 Practitioner/Instructor and Phase 2 Instructor in training. Deb also practices Reiki and Reflexology. Teaching personal and collective healing are Deb’s lifelong joy.
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