Heads And Tales: Flipping A Storyin Your Writing

October 5, 2015 - October 11, 2015

Heads And Tales: Flipping A Story in Your Writing

Workshop ID: G15W1011D
Dates: October 5October 11
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You can flip the word story like a coin. Depending on which side lands face up, it can be fiction or non-fiction: a story out of your experience or a story out of your imagination. The skill is in the writing. This class will work with the elements that make a good story in any genre, including short fiction, memoir, personal narrative, poetry, fantasy. Whatever. We will work off assignments designed to help with character development, setting, movement, dialogue, humor, pathos and the creative use of language – all in order to make our stories evocative and worthy. All levels of writing are welcome and needed.

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