Godly Play

June 24, 2016 - June 26, 2016

Godly Play

Caryl Menkhus Creswell

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June 24, 2016 6:30 PM until June 26, 2016
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In Godly Play, the invitation is given not for play in general but for play with the language of God and God’s people; our sacred stories, parables, liturgical actions and silences.  Through this powerful language, through our wondering, through the community of players gathered together, we hear the deepest invitation of all: an invitation to come play with God. 
Jerome Berryman, founder of Godly Play

Godly Play is a creative and imaginative approach to religious education with its roots in the work of Maria Montessori.  It encourages people to make meaning for themselves and can be used in a variety of settings with a variety of ages.  Godly Play uses symbols and objects as well as words and values process, openness and discovery.
At the heart of Godly Play is a deep respect for the innate spirituality of children.  What Godly Play provides is a language through story and play for children (and all ages) to name and wrestle with that innate knowing.

Imagine someone who …

•     Creates a space to think big
•      Learns as well as teaches
•      Doesn’t always know the answer
•      Builds community
•      Enables children to make connections
•      Is open to the unexpected
•      Slows down the pace

A Godly Play session includes time to:
•      Enter a prepared space and be greeted
•      Get ready
•      Tell a story using objects and artifacts
•      Explore the story more with open honest questions
•      Respond with a free choice of materials, art, silence, play, writing…
•      Enjoy a simple feast and sharing
•      Be blessed and leave the space

These trainings are held as spiritual retreats for the participants.  Yes, you will learn about Godly Play and the spirituality of children but you will also be spiritually refreshed and encouraged.
The training follows the action/reflection model of learning.  There is a mixture of trainer-led presentations and participant storytelling presentations.  Over these three days there will be time to develop your practice and understanding of the art of Godly Play.  Each day explores one of the primary religious genres of Godly Play:  sacred stories, parable and liturgical lessons.
For more information see: www.godlyplay.org

Caryl Menkhus Creswell has been involved with Courage and Renewal work over the past eight years. She is a recorded Quaker pastor and has pastored Quaker meetings for thirteen years, currently attending West Hills Quaker Meeting in Portland, Oregon. For the last twenty years she has worked with adults and children in Godly Play, a religious education program that deeply values the spirituality of children. She is a leader in sharing Godly Play nationally and internationally with children and adults in both English and Spanish.

Cost $385 includes double occupaancy room, board and tuition.

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