Focused Ecumenical Theological Education (FETE) Program

January 1, 1970
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Focused Ecumenical Theological Education (FETE) Program:

International Mission and Ecumenism

The Trustees of the BTI have promoted a program in Focused Ecumenical Theological Education (FETE) for the past several years. This program, operated through the International Mission and Ecumenism faculty committee and out of the Central Office of the BTI, has developed a four-year cycle of courses entitled “Comparative Christianity.” This rota includes a course offered in the spring term at a BTI school that focuses upon a given Christian tradition, its development and pattern of ecumenical relations. The course is followed by a workshop-seminar (late May-early June) in an area of the world that is central to the consciousness of the tradition under study. Students are invited to participate in this program by contacting the Central Office. To date, courses have been organized around the following themes:

1991-92 Protestantism and the Ecumenical Movement (Switzerland)
1992-93 Roman Catholicism and Ecumenism (Vatican, Italy and Switzerland)
1993-94 Orthodoxy and the Ecumenical Movement (Greece and Turkey)
1994-95 Ecclesiology from a Non-Western Perspective (India)
1995-96 The Struggle for Protestant Identity (Switzerland, Germany, and Czech Republic)
1996-97 Reconciliation: Catholic and Ecumenical Witness (Northern Ireland)
1997-98 Reconciliation: Orthodox and Ecumenical Witness (Fr. Yugoslavia and Greece)
1998-99 Immigration, Refugees and the Church (South Africa and Ghana)
1999-2000 Identity, Instrumentality, and Inter-Faith Relations (Israel, Jerusalem, the West Bank and Ghaza)
2000-2001 Culture, Identity and Religion in the Caribbean (Jamaica and Cuba)
2001-2002 Issues of History, Religion and Identity in Russian Orthodoxy (Russia)
2002-2003 Restorative Justice for Community (U.S.A.)
2003-2004 Building Cultures of Reconciliation (Egypt, Israel and Palestine)

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