Festimagouche 2015: Arts – Justice – Earth – Spirit

August 22, 2015 - August 23, 2015
Tatamagouche NS


Aug 22 – Aug 23, 2015 Sat 12:00 PM – Sun 12:00 PM
A joyful mingling of emerging voices for social transformation and spiritual renewal!

Inspired by the Arts – at the Centre’s outdoor stage you will enjoy great music including your favorite Maritime artists. Through creative activities for young and old, move and grove, dance and paint!

Infused by Spirit – celebrate the sacred in the secular as you explore the richness of diverse expressions of spirituality. Rooted in the Christian faith, at the Centre you will discover a safe space that embraces diversity, encourages progressive dialogue and fosters spiritual deepening across and beyond religious traditions. Walk the outdoor labyrinth, play, pray, breathe!

Energized by Social Action – through a variety of workshops and conversations you will engage emerging voices that speak for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Build creative friendships and collaborative partnerships! Reimagine the common narrative!

Motivated by passion for the Earth – relax in the shade of the linden tree, camp by the French River, hike in the sunny trail by Tatamagouche Bay ­? take a deep breath and enjoy the Festimagouche site! Surrounded by the beauty of this place, you’ll have the opportunity to talk, sing, and connect with folks from diverse backgrounds who share deep concern for the integrity of creation. Get connected!

The festival is family-friendly celebration, inclusive and accepting of all. Campsites and local food available on site.

Leadership will include Alastair McIntosh, author of ‘Soil and Soul’ 

For detailed information: www.festimagouche.ca

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