Explore Your Life’s Calling

November 13, 2014 - November 15, 2014


Thu, Nov 13 – 3pm
Sat, Nov 15 – 12pm



Chris Johnson

Tom Morgan

Explore Your Life’s Calling
This retreat is for those who are either nearing or currently living in their 3rd Chapter of Life. It is a retreat to explore personal life callings, passions, meaning, and purpose. Vocation!
Tammy Devine, Tom Morgan & Chris Johnson

Grounded in the truths of your own stories and questions, and guided by the Circles of Trust® model based on the work of author and educator, Parker Palmer, this retreat invites you to step with intention into examination of the big questions of life – your identity, meaning, purpose, and calling. “Given my abilities and my (changing or changed) circumstances, how can I make a difference?”

The format is discussion oriented. DO NOT EXPECT LECTURES!

This retreat is part of the Vocation for Life initiative, a collaborative venture of several colleges/universities related to the ELCA. Facilitated by faculty and staff leadership of colleges of the ELCA and Portico Benefit Services, hosted by Spirit in the Desert.

Regular Registration Fees
$180.00 Commuter
$295.00 Private Room w/ Bath
$240.00 Shared Room w/ Bath
*If you’d like to retreat a bit longer and add a day before or after, please contact Cyndy Warnier at Spirit in the Desert for availability at: (480) 488-5218 or [email protected]