Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Islam but were Afraid to Ask

February 20, 2016 - February 21, 2016

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Islam but were Afraid to Ask

20th February – 21st February 2016

Zia Chaudhry follows his two sell-out Gladfest appearances with a clear approach to Islam and honest answers to your questions.

A Liverpool-based barrister and author, Zia has addressed many a jury but has been equally keen to speak to audiences in order to correct the misapprehensions and myths that are so often attributed to Islam and Muslims. This work led to his founding the Spirit of Cordoba in 2007, a charity that aims to encourage Muslims to participate in the wider community and to foster collaboration with other communities, challenging prejudices.

Zia was the Chair of the Merseyside Council of Faiths from 2005 – 2008 and a founding member of the North West Forum of Faiths. He featured as part of the ITV series Soul to Soul hosted by Jo Brand and has had numerous radio appearances discussing Islam and related issues. Zia is also the author of Just Your Average Muslim, a call for mutual understanding inspired by his three young sons.

‘I worry about my sons supporting Manchester United, not whether they’ll run off to join Isis’ he writes in a recent Guardian article. Read the full story here.

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