Enneagram Insight Retreat

October 9, 2018 - October 12, 2018
West Park, NY

Enneagram Insight Retreat

Led By: MIchelle Meech

Fee: $355 (Deposit: $100)

October 9- October 12, 2018

This 3-day retreat offers the opportunity to go deeper with the Enneagram by utilizing group instruction, individual and group processing, movement, and meditation to help participants work directly with their own Ennea-type via Don Riso’s Levels of Development. These Levels provide us with deep insight into how our Ennea-type functions and help us locate signposts of health as well as triggers that set off our fears and unhealthy behaviors. By inquiring directly and gently into our experience we can discover more about our motivations and see more clearly how God is calling us to liberation.

Format: 3-hour evening, 6-hour day, 6-hour day.
For people who have more than an introductory knowledge.

Michelle Meech is an Episcopal priest and has been teaching the Enneagram in workshop and discussion formats for 15 years. She was trained through the Enneagram Institute by Don Riso and Russ Hudson and is dedicated to the work of transformation through helping people bring more compassion to themselves and the people in their lives. Michelle is currently the Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Kingston, NY where she lives with her dog Bella.