Enneagram Conference

October 25, 2018 - October 29, 2018
Hendersonville, NC


October 25-29, 2018


“I have attended Enneagram teachings all over the world, but ICB’s conference is the only one that so effectively interfaces the Enneagram with Christianity.” — Curt Micka, president of the International Enneagram Association, and attendee at Kanuga Conference’s 2016 Enneagram Conference

In a time of divisiveness, we struggle to find peace within ourselves and with the world. And yet, the very cracks in our facades—as individuals and collectives—can signal the start of profound and lasting enlightenment.

The Enneagram, a tool for this transformation, provides deeper understanding of all levels of brokenness, making it possible to reconcile conflict within ourselves and with others. Study of this ancient wisdom brings Jesus’ teachings to life and sheds light on our true selves, making it possible to set aside dualistic thinking and embrace the Divine perfection of all.

Why is the Enneagram relevant today?
Listen as Dr. Joe Howell explains.

About the Conference

Join Dr. Joseph Howell, author of Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway, and the faculty of the Institute for Conscious Being for an in-depth exploration into the Spirituality of the Enneagram. Throughout this extended weekend, ICB presents innovative ways to apply the Enneagram’s wisdom to every aspect of life. Highlights include:

  • Dynamic Plenary Sessions: Dr. Howell and ICB’s senior faculty members present multi-media lectures to deepen your understanding of the Enneagram — from basic to conversant application.
  • Consciousness Theater: Experience a lively performance demonstrating how ego and essence can manifest in our daily lives.
  • The Living Enneagram: Discern answers to real problems and challenges through the pathway of the Enneagram
  • Group Work: Connect with others who share your Ego type and explore expression of your true self as never before.
  • New Workshops: Explore Ego and Essence through creative and thought-provoking workshops
  • Live Music: Engage the soul with the string duet of professional musicians, Melanie Rodgers and Drexel Rayford

Who Should Attend?

All persons who are interested in developing a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them, including:

  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Leaders in the church, business, government, the courts and education
  • Those involved in the healing arts, such as chaplains, therapists, hospice workers, social workers, healthcare professionals and spiritual directors
  • Persons wishing to gain certification in the Spirituality of the Enneagram*

*This conference provides the foundation of understanding required for those seeking certification in the Spirituality of the Enneagram. This in-depth course is offered annually by ICB. More information on certification will be provided at the conference and is available at instituteforconsciousbeing.org/certification.

How to Prepare for the Conference

  • Bring a photograph of yourself between the ages of one and five.
  • Read Dr. Howell’s book, Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway. Available for purchase during the conference or from Amazon, Balboa Press or iTunes.
  • Complete the “Howell Enneagram Profile Questionnaire” found in Becoming Conscious

Conference Staff

drjoehowell_adultconferences_enneagramPrincipal Presenter
Dr. Joe Howell is a clinical psychologist in Anniston, Alabama and a regionally-known expert on the Enneagram, which he has studied and taught for more than 28 years. He is the author of Becoming Conscious: The Enneagram’s Forgotten Passageway and founder of the Institute for Conscious Being (ICB). A graduate of Samford University (B.A. 1971), Yale Divinity School (MAR 1974), The University of Virginia (Ph.D. 1978), and fellow in Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School (1978-79), Dr. Howell has been practicing clinical psychology since 1980. He began his work on the Enneagram at the Jesuit Retreat House in Cleveland, Ohio with Patrick O’Leary and Maria Beesing in the mid-eighties. A couple of years later, he collaborated with Don Riso on his visits in Anniston.

Lark Howell - Enneagram ConferenceCoordinator
Lark Howell is co-founder of ICB and a native of Anniston, Alabama where she attends Grace Episcopal Church. She is also coordinator for the annual summer conference FACE: Faith, Art & Creative Expression (Liturgical Arts) at Kanuga.



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