Embracing the Dark Night

November 30, 2012 - December 2, 2012


Nov 30-Dec 2, 2012

Fri 6:30 dinner thru Sun lunch

Cost $355

Adrienne Rich wrote: “[m]erely pause and listen
to my own pulse vibrating, lightly as falling snow,
relentlessly as the rain storm, and hear what it has
been saying.”

Life’s hardest grief can be the greatest gift,
when you know how to Embrace The Dark
Night of Your Soul.

In all religions and cultures – both ancient and
contemporary – myth and story tell tales of
the underworld. Whether Persephone’s abduction
or Jesus’ preaching to the lost souls of the
underworld, all heroic struggle explores our individual
journey into the dark night of the soul.

In winter’s darkness, our souls, as does Nature,
descend into the underworld. Winter can
be the most fertile time to replenish our imagination,
reflect on the past and chart our course
for the future.

This is a sacred time, a time of transformation.
However this can be a challenging time if there
is no understanding or guidance for such experience.
This workshop, Embracing the Dark
Night of the Soul, is devoted to the service
of creativity weaving psychology, mythology
and dream work. As a psychotherapist and
poet, and someone who has made the dark
soul journey, I will help guide you to the inner
regions of your creativity where the richest
rewards await.

When we know how to embrace this journey
into our soul, and not fear it, when we have
guidance to understand its twists and turns,
struggle can be the most transformative experience
of our life. It can call forth a Spring unlike
you’ve ever experienced.

Maria Papacostaki is a depth psychotherapist
who works with people seeking to live mindfully,
ethically, and joyfully. She leads writing
groups and uses writing as a way of healing.
She is a published poet and her work appears
in the anthology, Sisters Singing and on-line
anthologies. A native of Greece, Maria leads
international writing and counseling groups.
She also has taught writing and women’s studies
for many years at Kenyon College, Moore
College and Antioch College in Los Angeles.

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