Easter Week Clergy Retreat: Re-Joice, Re-Plenish, Re-Create, Re-Lax

April 19, 2017 - April 21, 2017
West Park NY


Wednesday, April 19 – Friday, April 21, 2017

Led by Rev. Gwyneth MacKenzie Murphy

God saw fit to rest after a week of intense productivity, so why shouldn’t clergy rest after the intensity of Holy Week and Easter? This retreat is a Sabbath of spacious time in the peace of the monastery and the beauty of the Hudson River. The brothers and staff will see to leaflets, music, candles, coffee, and people’s needs. While there will be opportunities to reflect, pray, and have fun with fellow clergy, you can also just nap, sit by the river, read a book, or knit. (Fun includes social hour, hiking, exploring local towns, and who knows what else …) If you have been “meaning to get to the monastery one of these years” this may be the time. There are jigsaw puzzles to complete, a Labyrinth to walk, a library to peruse, chanting at the daily office, exceptional food, places inside and out to sit and read …all in the context of Benedictine spirituality and hospitality.

The Rev. Gwyneth MacKenzie Murphy is a retreat leader, spiritual director, sacred dancer, and serves as an interim parish priest in the Diocese of New York.

Cost: $245, deposit: $80