Distance Learning: University of Wales Lampeter

January 1, 1970

Theology & Religious Studies

Distance Learning

Introduction to Distance Learning

TRS currently delivers Level 3 (the equivalent of the final year of a degree course) in a Distance Learning Programme which can be pursued by individual students. We offer two options depending upon your point of entry.

Licence in Theology (LTh)

This has been designed to provide a broad education in the major branches of Theology and to encourage independent research skills. It is intended specifically

· as a preliminary qualification for those who wish to pursue post-graduate study in Theology, but do not have a first degree in a related subject;

· for those who need a qualification in theology for professional purposes, such as teachers or ministers, and who hold a first degree in any subject;

· for those who studied theology at university many years ago who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills for personal or professional purposes.

The Licence in Theology will be awarded to students who have successfully completed 120 credits at level 3.

Bachelor of Theology (BA)

The modules offered for the Licence may be taken by

· those who hold a Diploma of Higher Education, or equivalent, in Theology, Religious Studies or Christian Ministry, and who wish to gain the degree of Bachelor of Theology (BA).

The Bachelor of Theology will be awarded to students who hold the Diploma of Higher Education and who complete 120 credits at level 3.

Occasional Study

Individual modules may also be studied for general interest, or to supplement existing theological training, by those with at least a Diploma of Higher Education in Theology.

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