Disposition Day Retreats during the 40-day

October 5, 2016 - October 10, 2016
Offered by Loyola House
Disposition Day Retreats during the 40-day
Disposition Day Retreats during the 40-day
This is a 5-Day Thematic Retreat which takes place during the Disposition Days of the 40-Day Institute. When you arrive the house is already in silence. There will be instructional talks on prayer and thematic talks on God’s presence in both our world and in our deepest desires. Each person on this 5-Day Retreat will be invited to attend these talks and have an individual director who will guide you in prayer as you continue on your unique journey with our loving God.

This retreat is a good opportunity for a beginner or an experienced director to gain a heightened awareness of the fundamentals of an Ignatius Retreat or to prepare for Annotation 19 (retreat in daily life).

People are asked to arrive after 1:30 pm on the first day with the first session at 3 pm.  Departure is after lunch on the last day.

  • October 5-10, 2016


$495 Cdn
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