Diploma in Theology Courses

January 1, 1970

Associate in Theology (A.Th.): Overview

This programme consists of a School of Theology leading to a diploma in theology (A.Th. “Associate in Theology”). The Diploma in Theology of Thorneloe University is designed for lay persons who are interested in increasing their knowledge and appreciation of Christian belief and practice. It is not intended, of itself, to be a qualification for ordination or other professional service in the church. It can, however, help to provide a theological base for persons assuming leadership and ministry in the life of their church.

While Thorneloe University is affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada, courses do not assume a denominational affiliation and are open to all capable of undertaking them. Courses are provided in various fields of Christian understanding. The successful completion of ten courses is required for the diploma. The programme is conducted by correspondence, with prescribed books, and manuals. Some courses are gradually being transferred to the Internet. When possible, these may be supplemented by seminars on the involvement of a local mentor.

The Diploma is the equivalent of one year of full-time university study, but generally takes three years of part-time study. If a potential student is active in his/her congregation or parish, we suggest that such involvements be limited for the duration of studies.

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