Deepen and Expand Your Understanding of Self and Others Through the Wisdom of the Ennegram

March 9, 2012 - March 11, 2012

Personal Growth and Healing

The Wisdom of the Enneagram
Deepen and expand your understanding
of self and others


March 9-11, 2012

Fri 6:30 dinner thru Sun lunch

Cost $365

Having authentic relationships and developing your
“wise self” requires deep understanding of self and
others. With enhanced understanding, your accumulated
wisdom may be shared with kindness as well as
a sensitivity to and respect for the reality of the other.

The Enneagram (9-sided figure), a tool of sacred
psychology, has become one of today’s most popular
systems for developing such understanding. With
deep understanding of the whole person, you become
less reactive and more accepting of others’ gifts and
challenges. With deep understanding of what others
are thinking and feeling, you naturally become more
tolerant and compassionate…making you indeed, a
person around whom others flourish!

In the Enneagram system, people are grouped by
where their attention typically and often unconsciously
goes. As you learn more, you begin to see how
automatically your attention goes to a particular slice
of the world…and yet with practice, you can more and
more turn your attention not only to other worldviews,
but to the whole of yourself as well.

During this weekend, you will develop your skill in
becoming more relaxed and receptive, which is the
prerequisite for experiencing your whole self. As a
result, you will become grounded and centered, which
allows you to be guided in noticing the physical body
sensations that accompany the contraction and the
expanded version of your Enneagram type. As you listen
deeply to other participants, you will certainly become
more open-hearted. Learning activities include
presentation by the facilitator, panels of like-types,
and time for individual reflection.

Sandy Lundahl , MPH, MA is an accomplished public
health professional with more than 25 years of experience
in developing programs with public health and
mental health professionals. She loves to learn and
has graduate degrees in public health and in instructional
systems design. Sandy is a holistic health
educator and a modern-day meditation teacher who
blends traditional Eastern meditation practices with
contemporary, research-based Western contemplative
practices. She is a certified teacher of the Enneagram
in the Narrative Tradition and a practitioner of biospiritual

Sandy is the author of 2 books, each illuminating the
inner journey. Her most recent book, Flourish! 4 Steps
to Release Your Inner Sage describes the skill set to
develop your internal navigation system that will help
you sail through the calm and turbulent years ahead.
She is passionate about expanding the public dialogue
about what is possible in the second half of life
as well as inspiring and supporting people over age
50 as they step into the full, rich wholeness of their
lives…becoming people around whom others flourish.

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