Creativity and the Arts Retreat

May 4, 2012 - May 6, 2012
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Fort Qu'AppelleSK

Creativity and the Arts Retreat

Friday, May 4 (6 pm supper) to Sunday, May 6 (1 pm)

Yearning to express yourself in a creative form? Leave everything behind and delve into photography, creative writing or Zentangle and mandalas for an entire weekend. Read the following descriptions for greater detail of each area of creative exploration:


We will use our cameras to discover the energy of Spring…in ourselves and in the natural world. We’ll explore and discover the urgent, but subtle forces of Spring energy as it expresses itself in texture, light and tone. And as it expresses itself in our own beings and bodies. Along the way, we’ll learn about some of the visual building blocks we need to create an image that communicates effectively.


Cherie Westmoreland is a visual artist who lives in Regina. Her work has been exhibited locally and nationally. Her photographic images are infused with a deep connection to the natural world, and a love and appreciation for the teachings it provides. She says, “Photography brings me into the brilliance of the present moment, into a deep and joyful relationship with what I am seeing. It is an opportunity to witness, explore and respond. There is so much beauty right where we are, here, in this place — my home place, Saskatchewan.” Cherie brings a respectful, contemplative, inquiring approach to her work with those excited about learning about themselves and their interconnection with the numinous natural world.

Creative Writing

Do you scribble on serviettes? Do you pen your own greetings? Do you practice morning pages or journaling? Do you enjoy painting pictures with words? Do you secretly want to become a writer or just want to write down your stories or simply play with words?

Come discover your inner writing self through a process of fun and creative writing exercises, discussions, sharing, soul diving and one-on-one consultations to hone your writing skills. Within this trusting environment, you may take your words more seriously (as you take yourself less seriously.) Come with a sense of creativity, playfulness, laughter, humility and risk taking and be prepared to fall in love with words.


Sheena Koops is an author, educator, singer and songwriter from Fort Qu’Appelle with a gentle, humble and down to earth spirit. She will guide you with her skills, great encouragement and a sense of playfulness along with an exquisite sense of humor.

Zentangle and Mandalas

“Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.” Zentangle® is a simple method for creating beautiful images using repetitive patterns. It’s easy to learn, easy to do, and is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and skill levels. The materials are simple, inexpensive and low-tech. A Zentangle drawing has no predetermined up or down and is not a picture of anything. Its small size removes the intimidation of a large project. Zentangle is enjoyed by artists and “non-artists” alike – everyone can draw a pattern. Many find it both meditative and addicting! In this workshop you’ll learn the history and philosophy of Zentangle as well as a wide variety of patterns to use in creating a Zentangle. You will complete several small artworks. We’ll cover some variations and embellishments and end with Zentangle-inspired art projects: an illuminated letter and a mandala. “Creating designs, manipulating symbols and putting pen to paper is part of our human heritage. In a time of keyboards, computer mice, and cell phones, Zentangle allows a return to the comfort and familiarity of timeless, basic creativity.” ( The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. For some it’s art, for others meditation, for others… something else. Join us and discover what it is for you.


Margaret Bremner has loved making pictures since she was three or four years old. In 1994, she realized that the circle was a form that she continually revisited, having always preferred geometry to algebra! She decided to focus on mandala imagery and see where it led. It became her focus for fifteen years. In her mandalas she draws on sources – cultural, spiritual, natural, decorative, and symbolic – from around the globe. In early 2009 Margaret encountered Zentangle® and a new era began! It spoke to her long-standing love of detail and pattern and the graphic qualities of drawing. Margaret returned to an earlier love, pen-and-ink. Her zentangle-inspired art occasionally becomes mandalas or mixed media pieces. In May 2010 she travelled to New England to train with the creators of Zentangle to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, one of only a handful in Canada. Margaret currently lives in Saskatoon where she teaches Zentangle drawing and produces artwork.

2. Contact Staff: Marg Janick-Grayston

Cost: $315 for each art form (a small material fee for Zentangle and Mandala materials will be extra)

Decision Day: April 20 Registration fees increase 10% after this date, so register early.

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