Courage to Teach ® A Courage & Renewal ® Program for Educators with Dan Hines

February 17, 2017 - February 19, 2017
Offered by Sorrento Centre



Courage to Teach ® A Courage & Renewal ® Program for Educators with Dan Hines


We teach who we are.

The best teaching arises from the identity and integrity of the one who teaches.

Teaching can never be reduced to techniques and methods.

During this program, educators are invited to reflect on questions of selfhood and teaching: “Who is the self that teaches?

How does the quality of my selfhood form – or deform – the way I relate to my students, my subject, my colleagues, my world?”


– (from Parker J. Palmer, The Courage to Teach: 10th Anniversary Edition).


A COURAGE TO TEACH PROGRAM invites the personal and professional development of the identity, authenticity and integrity of a teacher. The practices of Courage to Teach were developed by Parker J. Palmer, PhD, and the Centre for Courage & Renewal and facilitators have been prepared by Palmer and the Center to facilitate these experiences.

During the program, participants will be invited to renew heart, mind, and spirit through the exploration of the inner landscape of a teacher’s life: to identify and honour gifts and strengths and acknowledge limits.

In large-group, small-group, and solitary settings, “the heart of a teacher” is explored, making use of personal stories, reflections on teaching practice, and insights from poets, storytellers, and various wisdom traditions.

We will use the rich metaphors of the spring season as a way of exploring vocational and life questions. The experience is often referred to as a ‘Circle of Trust’. In these circles, we are invited to slow down, listen and reflect in a quiet and focused space. At the same time, we engage in dialogue with others in the circle – a dialogue about things that matter.


DAN HINES is a Courage & Renewal® Facilitator mentored by Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal.

Dan is a leadership consultant for business, educational, and religious organizations, a coach and speaker. Much of his professional experience has been in ministry as an ordained priest in the Anglican Church of Canada.

His approach as a facilitator, priest, consultant and coach is to help others rediscover their integrity and identity. Recently, Dan has also begun consulting about intentional communities and co-operative living from his ongoing experience with the RareBirds Housing Co-operative, an intentional community in Kamloops, British Columbia, he co-created with his spouse and nine others.

Dan holds a Master of Divinity and has a background in management, contracting and horticulture. He feels the most integrated when hiking and camping and always welcomes a good meal with friends.


Cost: The cost for this program will be set after the rates for 2017 have been determined. In 2016 this program cost $580, prices will be comparable. *Includes instruction, meals (Friday dinner through Sunday lunch) & accommodation

Course begins on Friday at 4pm and concludes on Sunday at 1pm.

To register for Courage to Teach, please call or email the Sorrento Centre office (1-866-694-2409 or [email protected]) to have your name added to the list. You can choose to secure your spot with a deposit or have your name listed to be contacted once the price has been set for notification.

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