Compassionate Communication

March 16, 2012 - March 18, 2012
Offered by Pendle Hill

Compassionate Communication

March 16 – 18, 2012

Friday through Sunday (2 nights)


based on accommodations choice

Do you sometimes find it difficult to see “that of God” or the common humanity in another, even in those closest to you: your boss, partner, or child? Drawing on the work of psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg and universal spiritual precepts, learn skills in compassionate communication and practice them in real-life situations. They will help you: Create and sustain fulfilling relationships; Remain open to others in response to painful judgments and criticisms; Express your truth so that you are most likely to be heard; Meet with compassion people whose actions seem unjust or oppressive; Empathize with others and not judge yourself.

$380/private room; $300/shared room; $220/commuter.


Jane Connor, PhD, is a trainer certified by the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has received awards as a teacher of Compassionate Communication and Multicultural Psychology at Binghamton University and is a co-author of Connecting across Differences: a Guide to Compassionate Nonviolent Communication.

Pamela Freeman is a psychotherapist and social activist. She is a co-founder of Playback for Change, an improvisational theatre company that focuses on race, class, and the stories that do not get told. She is a graduate of Bay Nonviolent Communication North American Leadership Training Program.

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