Christianity in the 2nd Axial Age

November 21, 2014 - November 23, 2014
West Park NY


Christianity in the 2nd Axial Age

Friday, November 21 – Sunday, November 23
:: Led by Rev. Matthew Wright

Many thinkers today believe we are entering a “2nd Axial Age” that is transforming the face of religion and spirituality. How does this impact Christian faith? Is the Church becoming obsolete? This retreat will explore these questions, and look at the ways that Christianity is coming of age as a vital wisdom path for the 21st century, with particular emphasis on contemplative practice and interspiritual dialogue. What is an “interspiritual” Christianity? How can we be true to our own tradition, while opening ourselves deeply to another? How can we engage Christianity as a path of practice and transformation, and not merely a belief system? Come and join in a weekend of contemplative practice and intellectual inquiry as we tackle these questions together.

Matthew Wright is an Episcopal priest. Grounded in the practices of contemplative Christianity, his spiritual journey has also taken him through study and initiation in the traditions of Vedanta and Islamic Sufism. At age 29, he is a leading young voice in the field of interspirituality, exploring emerging new forms of religious identity and belonging. He lives alongside the Community of the Holy Spirit in Brewster, NY, sharing in the life and work of Bluestone Farm.

Cost: $275, deposit: $50

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