Christian Mission (Online Course)

January 16, 2020 - April 16, 2020

Christian Mission (Online Course)


Thursday evenings, 6.15pm to 9pm (Eastern time)

January 16 to April 16, 2020









Mission is central to how Christians respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. But the word mission is used in many different ways in the church, often ambiguously and not always positively. This course offers students renewed and clarifying perspectives on mission. Topics include what it means for Christians to be in mission, practical ideas for living out Christian mission at the local and global level. Course participants will explore Christian thought about mission in Scripture and Church history; different theologies of mission; congregational practices and habits of mission; and a range models for engaging in mission in a secular society and a globalized world.

Jesse Zink, Maylanne Maybee, Roland DeVries



This course is open to people engaged in lay or ordained ministry, those preparing for ministry, or those looking for continuing ministerial education.

Credit: This is a 3-credit course. Credit can be offered towards the Master of Divinity or Certificate in Theology programs, or students may enroll as non-degree independent students. Auditing is also possible. Auditors do all the assigned reading and attend all class sessions but do not submit written assignments and do not earn credit. The college can also prepare certificates of attendance for those who need continuing education credit.

Admissions: The basic admission requirement is an undergraduate degree (in any subject) or its equivalent with a 2.7 CGPA. Please contact the college if you have any questions about whether you are eligible to apply.

Application: If you have taken a course at the college before, please contact the college to indicate your interest in enrolling in this course. If you have never applied to the college before, please submit an application and apply as either an independent student or a MST Certificate in Theology student. Once the application process and registration are complete, students will receive more information about the course including readings and assignments.