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January 1, 1970
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Center for Christian Spirituality

The Center for Christian Spirituality endeavors “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:12) We provide education for ministries of spiritual formation to enhance the vitality of spiritual life in the Episcopal Church and its ecumenical partners, and to strengthen the ministries of people in daily life as they serve in the world.

Our programs are intended for a wide audience with varied interests: lay persons who want to explore the spiritual dimensions of their vocations in the world, parish lay leaders and employees who seek education for varied formation ministries where they serve, deacons and pastors, priests and bishops desiring the foundations for specialized ministry in the area of Christian spirituality and formation. Students come from a variety of faith traditions for spiritual enrichment, for deeper understanding and experience of their own faith; for discernment of God’s guidance; for sabbatical study, and formation toward new ministries in the Church and the world.

The Center was established in 1976 to offer preparation for ministries of spiritual direction, and expanded its vision and programs in 2000 to encompass a wide array of aspects of spirituality in the Church and the world today. The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Linman became the Center’s Director in 2001. He is a Lutheran pastor and Associate Professor of Ascetical Theology at General.

The Study of Spirituality

We believe that academic study itself can be a rich spiritual discipline, drawing us through intellectual inquiry into deeper engagement with the Divine. By offering courses and degrees in Christian Spirituality in the context of a theological seminary, the Center provides unique opportunities for ongoing, in-depth study which are both academically and experientially stimulating.

The academic study of Christian Spirituality is an emerging, interdisciplinary field. A wide variety of elective courses within the field provide significant flexibility in our programs so that students may focus on their particular areas of interest. Our students draw on diverse academic fields such as theology, scripture, ethics, liturgy, and history, all of which intersect the study of spirituality. Whatever the focus of your interest may be, the Center’s seminary setting will provide the opportunity to ground your formation and ministry in the Church’s history, thought and literature.

Events at the Center

In addition to its course offerings, the Center sponsors a wide variety of events during the academic year. Quiet Days, prayer groups, conversation groups, and the very popular Annual Lecture in Christian Spirituality offer opportunities for spiritual formation and reflection, and are open to the entire seminary community and the general public.

For further information on the Center’s programs, please visit the website.

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