Book of Genesis

September 7, 2020 - September 21, 2020
Offered by Regent College
5800 University Blvd.
VancouverBCV6T 2E4
BIBL 610
(A) (Pre-recorded Distance Education Option Available)

What kind of texts are we dealing with in Genesis, and what difference should this make to our interpretation of them? Are they myth, or history, or both/neither? Have Christians been right to see what they have seen in these books over the centuries? What are the boundaries of legitimate interpretation? What does Genesis have to say to contemporary Christians and their world? These and other similar questions will provide the focus for our exegetical study of portions of the text.


Under normal circumstances, it is expected that students taking book studies will have completed the other general prerequisites for 600 level BIBL courses.  Students who have not done so may still register, but they should recognize