BodySpeak Workshop with Pietro Abela

May 9, 2014 - May 11, 2014
Offered by Naramata Centre
Naramata BC


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BodySpeak Workshop with Pietro Abela

A Healing Pathway/ARC Institute Partnership

9 May 2014 – 11 May 2014 

BodySpeak is a powerful, respectful, and creative communications process that opens new doors into personal growth and process work. BodySpeak enhances communication skills for any bodywork modality, healthcare technique, or counselling work. Careers involving communication, parenting, and personal relationships can benefit from these learnings.

The BodySpeak process • asks questions that draw upon the body’s own wisdom and helps the body remember in a safe and gentle way • is a profoundly respectful process where the caregiver is expected to know the questions but never the answers • is being used effectively in school and college programs, health-care facilities, business management, counselling professions, senior care, parenting and personal relationships • is a gentle, effective body-based dialogue technique that takes any health-care modality and training to a deeper level In this workshop you will learn: • how to facilitate emotional release • the use of unconscious language to identify the difference between head-talk and body-based communication • the art of creating questions that reach core issues quickly and effectively • how to create and maintain emotional safety and trust for another person • powerful techniques that allow you to be present for yourself while retaining Presence for another
Start: Friday at 5:30pm
End: Sunday at 1:00pm

We invite you to rest in the arms of Naramata for personal renewal and restoration before or after this workshop
$88.00 per night (space permitting; includes meals & accommodation).

Cost: $395.00 + tax (includes tuition, meals, refreshments and shared accommodation). Private rooms may be reserved for the duration of the workshop for $70.00.

Pietro Abela

Pietro Abela is the visionary and founder of The ARC Institute and the creator of ARC Bodywork. He is also a distinguished teacher, mentor, and workshop leader and writer. Pietro’s studies and research on stress, emotional issues, and their connections to physical well-being led him to development of ARC’s powerful self-healing methods. Pietro travels internationally with his wife Melanie, teaching for The ARC Institute. He has recently completed his first book, A Return to Consciousness.


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