Biodanza: Dancing Yourself to Life! 2012

July 13, 2012 - July 15, 2012

Biodanza: Dancing Yourself to Life! 2012

Jul 13 – Jul 15, 2012

Fri 7:00 PM – Sun 1:00 PM


Biodanza is a dance practice designed to re-enliven our capacity for connection, playfulness, expression and affectivity. It helps us find new vitality in life and is both fun and deeply relaxing. In the words of Rolando Toro, who founded it 40 years ago, “Biodanza is an education in life”.

The workshop is about exploring our human connection and the potential for trust and deeper relationship through dance, simple practices and sharing circles. “Biodanza is an expressive arts system that incorporates music, movement and authentic relationships with self, others, and the world to support health, joy and being fully alive. Based on anthropological studies of dance and traditional rituals of the celebration of life, Biodanza stimulates community, awakens consciousness, helps participants to recover their joy and vitality, and celebrates the sacredness of life.” (extract from

Program Cost: $340 ($185 tuition+$155 meals/accommodations)


Vérène Nicholas

Vérène Nicholas focuses on teaching skills and resources to live life with more integrity and to facilitate change at personal, community and organisational levels. She coordinated the Centre for Human Ecology’s (CHE) master’s degree in human ecology at the University of Strathclyde. Previous to that, she co-ran the CHE’s Community Programme and worked with various communities in Scotland, including black & ethnic minority communities, to empower, conscientise and inspire folks to take action in their locality.

She lives in Drumoyne, part of the Greater Govan area of Glasgow because, amongst other things, she and her husband have strong connections with the Govan-based GalGael Trust. They are also involved in the newly founded Govan Folk University (GFU), a partnership of five locally based organisations which aims to deepen learning in the community.

She originally came from France but spent most of her childhood in Africa (Algeria, Ivory Coast and Congo) where her parents were involved in medical and adult training work. She is a trained “ingénieur en agriculture” from the “Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture de Purpan” (Toulouse) and holds a Master’s degree in economics of agricultural & rural development from the University of Montpellier.

While working in Ballymun (a deprived area of North Dublin), she was introduced to Training for Transformation which opened her to the power of participation, transformative learning and social change. That is when she departed from her original training and has since focused her work on learning, teaching and facilitating transformative practices. Verene practices meditation, yoga, nonviolent communication, Biodanza, and is part of Glasgow Quaker Meeting.

Tessa Mendel

Tessa Mendel, PRG.

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