Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness

April 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015
Offered by Pendle Hill
Wallingford PA



Apr 01 – Aug 31, 2015

This program is currently under development. Program details and registration information will be posted later in the year, so please check back here or call us.

Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness is a new certificate program in social change as an expression of our spiritual lives. This intensive Pendle Hill program will welcome students who are ready to transition from being “at the threshold” to “prepared, empowered, and making a meaningful difference” for the cause of peace and social justice. Students will learn to help stop violence and suffering and explore tools for building new ways of living in which there is less cause for violence and suffering. In a program environment centered in radical faithfulness, students will discover their own gifts and draw on the insight, abilities, and experience of more than a dozen teachers, movement leaders, and religious elders. Between April and August 2015, this intensive program includes four short residencies on campus, rigorous online learning between residencies, individual and group work, theoretical and empirical study of nonviolence, and a practicum designed for experimentation and impact. Applications are welcome from individuals and representatives of organizations.

For more information, please contact Steve Chase, Director of Education, at 610-566-4507, ext. 123.

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