Anglican Layreaders Preparatory Course (Distance Learning)

January 1, 1970

Anglican Layreaders Preparatory Course

Offered in association with the Diocesan Layreaders Association of NS & PEI

This program prepares individuals for licensing as Layreaders in the Anglican Church. Study at home or in your parish church through a series of 12 videotaped lectures and complete handbook.

The course prepares individuals for all the duties of a Layreader and includes sections on liturgy, Church history and organization, the BCP and BAS, preaching and more.

Contact your parish priest or the Lay Readers Association before requesting your course materials.

Begin anytime- Completion usually takes about 12 weeks.

Instructors include Archbishop Arthur Peters, clergy and other experts.

Continuing registration, home study.
Fee $35 (includes handbook and loan of VHS tapes).

For more information please visit the website.