A Spirituality for Our Time with Jay McDaniel

June 17, 2013 - June 19, 2013
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Burnstown ON



Madawaska Institute for Culture and Religion


A Spirituality for Our Time with Jay McDaniel


June 17 – 19, 2013


On June 17 to June 19 the Madawaska Institute for Culture and Religion will be hosting

Dr. Jay McDaniel. A Spirituality for our Time


He will examine the questions of prayer, ecology, interfaith,

and aesthetic so we can form a spiritually that will ground us

in our faith journey. This will be a follow up to Diana Butler

Bass’s comments of being spiritual and religious where we

will form a spiritual that is religious and grounds our care of

the earth and all who inhabit it.


*Through Buddhism and Christian traditions we will deepen

our faith.


*Through poetry and jazz we will celebrate the harmonies of

the universe.


*Through conversations we will add intensity to our



*Taking seriously the complexities of our time we will form a

theology that will sustain us and our actions. We will work

on creating two kinds of harmony: harmony among people

and harmony with the earth.


*We will work on a abridge between cultures that is socially

just, ecologically sustainable, and spiritually satisfying.


Dr. Jay McDaniel brings with him a grounding in Buddhism and Process Theology. He

will also bring his current experience of working with Process Centers in China. He

teaches at Hendrix College as Professor of Religion and Director, Steel Center for the

Study of Religion and Philosophy. His current work includes the development of an

organization called “Ecological Civilization International.”


He says “My aim as a teacher at Hendrix is to help students understand how people live

and think in different parts of the world when they are shaped by religious points of view.

It is also to help students develop “philosophies” and “theologies” of their own in

dialogue with the many religions and also with people who are not interested in religion.

I think of myself as a “constructive theologian” and encourage my students to recognize

that they, too, can be creative thinkers in their own right. Understanding others and

creatively responding to what one learns: these are the guiding ideals of my teaching.”



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The cost will be $225. It will be located in Burnstown Ont. To register contact George

Hermanson at

[email protected]

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