A Kirkridge Women’s Retreat: Becoming the Queen of Your Own Real-Life Faerie Tale

July 29, 2016 - July 31, 2016

A Kirkridge Women’s Retreat: Becoming the Queen of Your Own Real-Life Faerie Tale

Anita Bondi and Denise Crawn

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July 29, 2016 6:30 PM until July 31, 2016
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As young girls, Queens and Fairy Tales were woven into the fabric of our lives. As young women, we searched for the Fairy Tale and became invested in the happily ever after. As we mature and grow, many of us find that the Fairy Tale has eluded us and  we are far away from embracing “the crown” and calling ourselves, Queen.  We find ourselves living in a perpetual state of wait/weight and worry.  Our personal stories have shaped us but are not the sum total of us. At the deep center of our being we abide with our queen and know that we wait for no one. We worry no more because we trust ourselves and the world around us.

What if we have been living the real-life fairy tale all along? What if happily ever after exists here and now? What if the Queen within is fully present and all we need to do is recognize her? Freedom awaits as we awaken to our truth and give ourselves permission to live lives of full glory, seated on our personal throne, crown in place and authentically seen at last by ourselves and those around us.

During this retreat weekend we will use art, song, poetry, movement, nature, ritual and much needed time alone to release, renew and reclaim our sovereignty. We will come together as a community of women to witness, support and welcome each woman into her own personal kingdom.

Anita Bondi is a self-proclaimed Breath Missionary, Anita believes that one good collective deep breath would bring world peace. She also has a Ph.D, is founder and co-director of Wellspring Holistic Center, and is the creator of The InterPlay Inspiration Deck. Anita teaches locally and nationally, maintains a private healing practice, and is dedicated to witnessing and affirming people in their personal life journeys.
She believes that breath, art, movement, and connection are as essential as food and water.  Anita is an enthusiastic, warm, and engaging leader. She creates a safe and sacred space for all who wish to participate.

Denise Crawn is an ordained Interfaith Minister and is author of “Walking Awake The Faces In Nature”. She is also creator of the “Walking Awake In Nature” card deck. Denise has her own company, Walking Awake LLC and travels between the US and UK giving inspirational talks, leading guided walks, workshops, retreats and pilgrimages to sacred Celtic sites. Denise’s ministry focuses on our becoming more aware, mindful and awake though our innate connection with Nature, our relationship with the Divine, in and around us. Denise encourages and enables the recognition and celebration of the profound treasures within our own unique individual journeys, but also our deep interconnectedness with each other.

Cost $375 includes double occupancy room, board and tuition

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