“A Bus-load of Faith”: A Deeper Dive for Parish Leaders

January 10, 2021 - January 24, 2021
Sundays at 11:30 a.m.CST; January 10, 17, and 24, 2021.

Join us for a three-part Zoom seminar entitled “A Bus-load of Faith” led by Bishop Geoff Woodcroft, Ryan Turnbull, and Wilson Akinwale. In session one we discuss how the Lord is at work in us as we live into our baptismal covenant. As we are supported by our brothers and sisters in Christ we discover that our answer to all the questions the baptismal covenant asks of us is “We will, with God’s help.” In session two consider a Tale of Two Widows, the widow of Zarephath and the widow of Nain in the Bible, and discover that practices of radical generosity and hospitality emerge in places you would least expect. In the final session, we get to work on discovering the strengths each of our parishes have, and how, with God’s help, we can use them in radically generous ways for the mission of God. Each session features teaching from all three presenters and opportunities for break-out discussion groups and group discussion.

For the zoom link or more information please contact Ryan at [email protected] or 431-275-2235