March 22, 2019 - March 24, 2019

Meditation and the 12 Steps

Meditation and the 12 Steps

Offered by Gary Barrett and Ward Bauman

Friday, March 22 — Sunday, March 24, 2019

$325     (Scholarships available)


This retreat is designed primarily for those who have or are currently working their way through a 12-step recovery program. This would include alcohol and drug addictions.  Focusing primarily on steps 11 and 12, together we will unpack what it means, from a contemplative perspective, to improve our conscious contact with a higher power through “..prayer and meditation..”, and explore the “..spiritual awakening..” referred to in step 12.  This retreat will include teachings, guided meditation, silence and breath and body work.  We will also make time to hear the wisdom and insights of the participants and others.

Those of us in the 12-step recovery community stand on some very big shoulders. Our time together will be held in gratitude for those who have gone before us and compassion for those still in need of a way forward from addiction.  All work over the retreat weekend will be held in strict confidence.


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Gary Barrett was a long-time member of the contemplative body at the Episcopal House of Prayer in Collegeville, Minnesota.  As part of the recovery community for more than ten years he brings a uniquely contemplative perspective to the twelve-step recovery movement.  His work in recovery has included not only contemplative prayer and meditation but also body work, chi kung and tai chi as healing and restorative practices for the recovering individual.  One of our EHOP teachers, Gary co-taught Embodied Spirit for four years. Gary is a piano tuner by trade and lives with his wife Brenda in St. Joseph, Minnesota. 

Ward Bauman is an ordained Episcopal priest and former Director of the Episcopal House of Prayer. He has traveled the world spiritually and physically. He lived in Iran for many years where he studied Sufism and began his studies in Buddhism as well. He has published a cookbook, Sacred Food for Soulful Living, and The Anglican Rosary: Meditating with the Mystics, as well as co-authored The Luminous Gospels: Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Philip. He considers his spiritual mentor to be the great Christian German mystic Meister Eckhart. Working with people in the great spiritual dimensions of their lives is his motivation. He says that “spirituality is my schtick and life lived in fullness is my purpose.”  Ward’s special gift to EHOP teachings is the 8-day meditation intensive Kenosis.  

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