Centering Prayer: Lectio Divina and the Four Senses of Scripture

September 11, 2018 - September 14, 2018
West Park, NY

Centering Prayer: Lectio Divina and the Four Senses of Scripture

Led By: Leslee Anne Terpay

Fee: $355 (Deposit: $100)

September 11- September 14, 2018

This retreat offered in an atmosphere of silence and community focuses on The Four Senses of Scripture based upon the teachings of Fr. Thomas Keating deepens the experience of those familiar with praying Holy Scripture. The presentations explore the four moments of Lectio Divina as expressions of the four sense of scripture, namely, the literal, allegorical, behavioral/moral and unitive senses. As we interiorize the four senses of scripture our understanding of scripture deepens, as does our faith. After a review of the four scholastic moments of the prayer, both individual and group prayer will focus on the monastic form of Lectio Divina, thus encouraging a less structure engagement of the text. Centering Prayer times are offered in this retreat because out of the silence the Word of God is heard on a much deeper level and with greater openness. During the retreat, we will also experience the rhythm of this Episcopal Benedictine monastic community’s worship and prayer life. This contemplative retreat welcomes those comfortable with silence and having a yearning to deepen their relationship with God, themselves and others through praying Holy Scripture in an organic way.

Leslee Anne Terpay, is a retired entrepreneur and now spends her days sharing Fr. Thomas Keating’s teachings on the contemplative dimension of the gospel, the Christian Contemplative Journey, Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina and leading retreats. She is a Contemplative Outreach commissioned presenter. As a Contemplative Outreach faculty member for Lectio Divina and Retreats, she is part of the service teams whom define workshop teachings and retreat experiences. Leslee is a spiritual director in Lone Tree, Colorado and will graduate from The Centering for Action and Contemplation Living School in 2018.


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