Composing Your Spiritual Memoir

Everyone inherits hurts, secrets, and strengths. We all hold stories of family, faith, failure, and forgiveness. Everyone has a book in them. It’s called a memoir. Memoirs, like libraries, are a collection of tales. The more generously libraries lend their treasures, the more they become themselves. Libraries don’t produce stories to sell; they offer quiet …
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Biblical Storytelling Worshops

The NBSC offers monthly workshops and training events for a small fee, and makes them available after the fact in their online event library.

Family Faith Formation

Faith formation most sustainably happens as part of normal family life.  Our most committed families prior to the pandemic were only in parish formation programming once a week, most far less than that.  The challenges of a post-COVID life have caused us to be even more concerned that families may not return to regular gathered …
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