Youth Ministry Program

January 1, 1970
Offered by Queen's College
St. John'sNL

Youth Ministry Program

The youth ministry programs are designed for people to enhance their current ministry to youth, in either a leadership or assistance role, or to equip them with the skills to start such a ministry within their local congregation. Youth, in this case, focuses not only on adolescents but in the broader sense from ages 13 to 25. It is often this age group that has difficulty finding a home in the church and to which the church has the most difficulty communicating. The intent of this program is not to create another sub-group within the church, but to give leaders the tools to integrate youth into the life of the church.

The programs are modelled on Acts 2:42-47. The program is structured in a way to help the students become leaders in community, worship, proclamation, teaching, and service, as well as equip them with the tools to develop both adult and youth leaders within the church. It also takes into consideration the growing need for new and creative approaches to youth ministry both inside and outside of the church building.

The Associate in Theology – major in youth ministry – offers a combination of vocational study, theological reflection, and practical ministry.

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