Wisdom and Money Retreat

November 12, 2013 - November 15, 2013
West ParkNY


Tuesday, November 12 to Friday, November 15

Led by Rosemary Feerick and Brother Bernard Delcourt


What if you had a safe place to talk about money and Christian faith? This retreat will be an opportunity to explore our relationship with money as a way to deepen our relationship with Christ and to more closely align our financial resources with our faith. Because money flows through many aspects of our lives such as our work, our families, our communities and our participation in the larger political and economic systems of which we are a part, looking at our financial lives prayerfully can be a powerful way to integrate our faith into our lives. This retreat will not include fund raising, judgment or financial advice. It is an opportunity to practice listening for the voice of Christ so that money can become a sacrament of God’s love in our lives.

Rosemary Feerick is Executive Director of Harvest Time, Christians of wealth engaging with money as a doorway to spiritual transformation(http://www.harvesttime.cc/).

Brother Bernard is a brother of Holy Cross Monastery. Once upon a time, he was an investment banker, then a business coach, and now a beekeeper.

Cost: $325, deposit $80

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