Western Women’s Conference 2014

September 26, 2014 - September 28, 2014
Offered by Naramata Centre
Naramata BC
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Western Women’s Conference 2014

In Love with the Mystery

26 September 2014 – 28 September 2014


At Western Women’s Conference 2014 Ann Mortifee will share stories from her life and work that inspire others to access their own souls innate wisdom. Ever since she was a young girl, Ann has been beguiled by a persistent yearning to explore and engage in the mystery of life.

With a life’s work that has led to her being recognized in her appointment to membership in the prestigious Order of Canada, Ann Mortifee is considered by many to be a truly renaissance woman. Her passionate fascination with spirituality, science and art has been a driving force throughout her life.

Women who know and love Ann for her rich musical life will delight in her spontaneous singing. Her teaching will also include ways to explore our voices as a vehicle for our deepest spiritual expression.

Come join women across the generations for conversation, learning, inspiration, sacred pause, singing and fun! In addition to Ann’s presentations we’ll also offer an array of afternoon workshops from creative to thoughtful to physical. Choose what speaks to you. Bring a friend, a mother, a daughter, a grandmother, an aunt or come on your own — new friends are waiting to meet you.

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Start: Friday at 5:00pm
End: Sunday at 1:00pmWe invite you to rest in the arms of Naramata for additional restoration and retreat.
$88.00 per night (space permitting; includes meals and accommodation).

Cost: $445 + tax Shared Accommodation incl signed book by Ann Mortifee, tuition, meals, refreshments (private accommodation may be reserved for$70.00)
Special Group Rate: $50 credit/person for groups of 6 or more – ltd to first 40 registrants.

Ann Mortifee

Ann has always followed her heart. Her conviction to create art that expressed her deepest values meant that she often turned down career advancing opportunities that promised conventional success.

Instead, Ann used this same conviction as the impetus behind all of her expression: her extraordinary singing voice, her musical theatre productions, albums, ballets, film scores, story telling, poetry, and the evocative keynote addresses and workshops presented at conferences and retreat centers throughout the world.

She has worked internationally with hospitals and hospice caregivers, serving the dying and those suffering through great loss. She has taught singing and creative expression as a way of opening emotionally to deeper expressions of self. She has served in the environmental movement, co-founding The Trust for Sustainable Forestry.

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